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The vision of the Irish Georgian Society is to conserve, protect and foster a keen interest and a respect for Ireland’s architectural heritage and decorative arts. These aims are achieved through its scholarly and conservation education programmes, through its support of conservation projects and planning issues, and vitally, through its members and their activities.

Day Trip to Counties Louth and Meath


Posted by IGS

Pat Murray, IGF Board Member, led a tour to four historic houses in Co. Louth and Co. Meath. The group visited Brownstown House, Navan then proceeded to lunch in Shanlis House, Ardee, which was built in 1850.

After lunch, the group visited Brittas House which dates to 1732, associated with the Bligh family. The last property visited was Rahinstown House, once home to Captain Robert Fowler who was Master of the Meath Hunt and who entertained the Empress of Austria at Rahinstown in 1879.

The group being welcomed to Shanlis House by the owners, Stuart and Marion McKeever

Relaxing in the sunshine after a delicious lunch at Shanlis House 

Lounging on the steps on Shanlis House 

David and Pamela Ruddick outside Shanlis House 

Roisin Lambe, Clare O' Keefe and Sharon Carroll enjoying the sunshine outside Shanlis House 

Roisin Lambe with the lion statue at Shanlis House 

Zoe Coleman outside Shanlis House 

Strolling in the sunshine at Brittas Estate 

Admiring the beautiful Wisteria draped Brittas House 

The group learning about the history of Brittas Estate 

The picturesque views of the demense surrouding Brittas House

The group at Rahinstown House

Pat Murray and Edmund Corrigan outside Rahinstown House

The Jumping Church of Kildemock

The Jumping Church of Kildemock