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Conservation Royal Society of Antiquaries, 63 Merrion Square

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Building Description:

Merrion Square was laid out in the late 1780s on rough fields and garden plots at the edge of the city, near a small quarry and one of the city gallows. The lease granted to the first tenant and developer of the plot of no. 63, Joseph Sandwith, required that he construct a 'good and substantial dwelling house with lime and stones, or with bricks and lime and stones, or with bricks and lime, well roofed and covered with slates, not less than 30 ft. in the front and 3 stories and a half high above the cellars at least, and shall make an area of 8 ft. wide at the front of siad house...' Plaster work in the house is by Andrew Callnan (on behalf of surveyor Bryan Bolger), & shows the influence of Michael Stapleton. The RSAI bought the house in 1917, also buying the remainder of the lease from the Pembroke estate for £500.

Brief Description of Project:

The Society granted €1,500 for the repair of a cracked chimney breast in the first floor reception rooms.