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Irish Georgian SocietyAnnual Reports & Governance

Governance in the IGS

The Irish Georgian Society was founded by Desmond and Mariga Guinness in 1958 with the purpose of addressing the threat posed to the remaining Georgian built heritage of Ireland by a combination of political, social and economic factors along with government neglect and speculative activities of property developers. Since that time many buildings of significant architectural merit have been saved through the work of the Society.

Originally organised as a membership society, it was later augmented by a corporate body (Irish Georgian Foundation (IGF)) to hold property assets and to apply for tax exempt status. Charitable status has been obtained in Ireland, UK and the USA - see references elsewhere on this website. Nowadays most of the organisation’s activities are carried out under the IGF structure but the membership society still exists (it has neither income or assets) and the combined entities are referred to under our registered operating name - Irish Georgian Society - the name by which we are best known, in Ireland and internationally. Education continues to be a high priority for the work of the Society as illustrated by the programme of activities available to members and friends. The complexities of modern life, particularly in the business world, have demanded that all corporate entities look to their governance structures.

The governing body of IGF is the Committee of Management, commonly called "the Board" whose invited members are bound by rotation rules. Board positions are not remunerated in accordance with tax rules for exempt bodies and directors are bound by a code of conduct. Officers are appointed including a President (appointed by the IGF Committee of Management), a Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Company Secretary - all volunteer positions . The work of the board is assisted by a number of sub committees (Membership Events, Governance, Architecture, Finance etc.), all of which are chaired by board members and composed of a mix of board members and ordinary members.

The full-time and part-time staff and interns in the IGS are managed by the Executive Director who attends board meetings and many sub-committee meetings. The Executive Director reports to the Committee of Management

One of the board sub-committees is tasked with setting and maintaining standards of corporate governance within the organisation. To date it has been involved in adapting the constitutional structures of the IGS and documenting many of its financial and operational procedures, in order to ensure compliance with the Governance Code for the Charity and Voluntary sector in Ireland, which was achieved in November 2014. It is the intention to review continued compliance with the Code on an annual basis.

Irish Georgian Foundation Constitution

Constitution-of-Irish-Georgian-Foundation-amended-Sept-2019 - PDF format. 263kb file.

Annual reports of the Irish Georgian Society

Annual Report 2019 - PDF format. 3.05 MB
Annual Report 2018 - PDF format. 2.58 MB
Annual Report 2017
- PDF format. 8.27 MB
Annual Report 2016 - PDF format. 10.2 MB
Annual Report 2015 - PDF format. 19.5 MB
Annual Report 2014 - PDF format. 5 MB
Annual Report 2013 - PDF format. 342 KB
Annual Report and Accounts for 2012 - PDF format. 2 MB

Financial statements of the Irish Georgian Society

Financial statement 2019 - PDF, 1.65 MB
Financial statement 2018 - PDF, 624.08 KB
Financial statement 2017 - PDF, 15.02 MB
Financial statement 2016 - PDF, 2.35 MB

Code of Governance for Community and Voluntary Organisations

In November 2014, the Irish Georgian Foundation, operating as the Irish Georgian Society, was accepted as being in compliance with the Code of Governance for Community and Voluntary Organisations and, in doing so, has adopted the Principles of Good Governance set out in the following document.


Policies of the Irish Georgian Society

IGS Collections and Heritage Objects Policy (adopted June 2015)
IGS Education Policy (adopted June 2015)
IGS Conservation Policy (Dec 2007, reviewed 2011)

Priorities and Actions
A strategy for the Society to 2020