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Irish Georgian SocietyIGS President's Circle

Sir David Davies, Irish Georgian Society President, is calling on IGS members to propose names for nomination to the IGS President’s Circle. The President’s Circle will honour those who have given esteemed service and/or support to the Society. It has no formal governance or advisory role. Esteemed service and/or support shall include those who have given such service or support either as officers, former members of boards, committees, or working groups, benefactors, patrons, donors, scholars, and volunteers. Those still active on boards, committees or working groups shall not ordinarily be considered for such honour.

Members should send details of nominees to the IGS President together with supporting reasons why such person(s) should be honoured. These should be addressed to:

Sir David Davies
Irish Georgian Society President
City Assembly House
58 South William Street
Dublin 2

Nominees will then be considered by the President’s Circle Nominations Committee which is composed of the IGS President (who acts as its chair), the Chairman of the IGF Board, the Chairman of IGS Inc., the Chairman of Irish Georgian Society London trust, and one IGF Board member. Membership of the President’s Circle shall be announced at the Annual Meeting of the IGS in September 2019.

The deadline for making a nomination is Monday 1 April 2019.

Further details governing the President’s Circle are available via the link below

Download the President's Circle PDF here.