Education Theses Register

The register of theses and dissertations is an academic resource tool that has been compiled by the Irish Georgian Society in collaboration with Ireland’s academic institutions and with the support of Dublin City Council. It provides a centralised database of Irish theses and dissertations relating to architecture and the allied arts, which have been submitted as part of an academic qualification awarded on the island of Ireland. It should be noted that theses are held by the awarding university and not by the IGS.


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Queen's University Belfast

School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Trinity College Dublin

School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Department of History of Art and Architecture

University College Cork

Faculty of Arts and Celtic Studies

University College Dublin

School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy

School of Art History and Cultural Policy

University of Limerick

College of Humanities, Department of History


No responsibility is accepted by the Irish Georgian Society for the accuracy of the information or for any fault or accident arising from the workmanship of anyone listed, or from materials used or supplied by them. The Society can at its own discretion remove conservation craftspeople and professionals from the register without notication and without the provisions of specic reasons for doing so.