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The Irish Georgian Society's conservation and education programmes are funded through the generosity of our members and private donors. This support is vital for the Society’s work with conservation projects and in saving buildings of architectural significance. It is also essential in enabling the Society undertake a wide range of educational initiatives that include the annual Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Journal, the Desmond Guinness Scholarship, and a specially designed programme to raise awareness of traditional building skills and best conservation practices. Your donation could make a real difference by helping us to protect Ireland’s built heritage.

Ireland The Irish Georgian Foundation (operating as the Irish Georgian Society) has charitable status in Ireland (CHY 6372) and so can avail of tax benefits from donations exceeding €250.

USA The Irish Georgian Society has charitable status in the USA through Irish Georgian Society Inc. where donations are eligible for tax relief. For the IRS confirmation letter on the Irish Georgian Society's Inc. tax exempt status as a charitable organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, please click on the following link.

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Scholarship Programme

The Irish Georgian Society supports and promotes scholarly research in the field of architecture and the decorative arts through its the publication of its annual journal, Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies and through the Desmond Guinness Scholarship.

Your donation will go directly toward publication costs for Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies - the Journal of the Irish Georgian Society. 


Programme Funds

Your donation will go toward funding essential overheads related to the administration of IGS programmes.