Conservation Saint George’s Arts and Heritage Centre, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork

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Grant Overview:

Through the support of IGS London, the IGS awarded a grant for urgent works undertaken in 2021 to a gothic stairwell window in Saint George’s church, Mitchelstown. These works formed one part of an ambitious project to restore and conserve the building to provide a range of heritage, arts and cultural activities for the region of mid-Munster.

The construction of Saint George’s was commenced in 1801 through funding from Caroline, Countess of Kingston and modified and enlarged in in 1830-31 to the designs of the architects James and George Richard Pain. Today, its two-stage 33m high tower is the most prominent feature in Mitchelstown and, following its deconsecration in 2017, the church is the subject of a €1m fundraising campaign to safeguard its future. More information is available on