Conservation St Paul's Church, Arran Quay

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Building Description:

Freestanding gable-fronted double-height Roman Catholic Church, built between 1835-44, compromising five-bay nave fronted by single-bay narthex and pedimented tetrastyle Iolic portico, having square-profile three-stage bell tower over. Saint Paul's forms a historic and visual focal point on Arran Quay. Designed by Patrick Byrne, it was built soon after Catholic Emancipation, when the Roman Catholic Church was beginning to build visible high-status buildings. Its tall Italianate bell and clock tower provides visual as well as contextual interest, with the inclusion of a clock, which was more common on Protestant Churches, implying a sense of public responsibility and thus increasing the status of the building. 

Brief Description of Project:

The Society pledged €5,000 for roof works to make the building weather tight. This includes the repair, treatment for rust and reglazing of roof lanterns.