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Conservation Traditional Building Skills Register

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Dublin City Council

Mary McDonald, Architectural Conservation Officer
P: 01 222 6367

Niamh Kiernan, Executive Architectural Conservation Officer

Carl Raftery, Conservation Research Officer
P: 01 222 3962

Sarah Halpin, Conservation Research Officer
P: 01 222 5220

John Beattie, Assistant Architectural Conservation Officer

Dublin City Council, City Architects Division, Block 4, Floor 2, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.


Users of the register should be mindful that the register has been complied from information given by those listed and no responsibility is accepted by the Irish Georgian Society for the accuracy of the information, or for any fault or accident arising from the workmanship of anyone listed, or from materials used or supplied by them. Descriptions of conservation work undertaken was requested, and is listed under each entry, so that the skills and achievements of each individual or firm can be assessed by the user of the register.  Inclusion should not be regarded as either a recommendation or an endorsement by the Society. The Register is not comprehensive and no criticism is implied or intended of an individual or firm not included. Every reasonable care has been taken in the compiling of the register but no responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions.

The Register will be updated regularly, so if you wish to be included or are aware of any omissions, please contact us.

Please be advised that the Construction Industry Federation also maintains a list of registered heritage contractors which may also be of benefit to consult, click here for more information.

For more regional information, your local conservation officer, whose contact details are included in the useful addresses section, may also be able to provide you with details of local craftspeople and contractors.