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Events Children's Craft Workshops at the Dublin's Heritage Buildings with Cruinniú na nÓg

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Children's Craft Workshops at the Dublin's Heritage Buildings with Cruinniú na nÓg

11.06.2022, 10:00 A.M.

Dublin's Heritage Building Show: children's traditional buildings skills & craft workshops.

The Irish Georgian Society and Dublin City Council are partnering to deliver six free one-hour children’s traditional building skills craft workshops as part of the Dublin’s Heritage Buildings Show, which is taking place in Merrion Square on Saturday 11th June. These workshops are funded by Creative Ireland and form part of the Cruinniú na nÓg 2022 festival of youth.

All the practitioners are nationally recognised for their traditional skills and conservation expertise. More details about their work can be found by following the links to the Irish Georgian Society’s online Traditional Building Skills Register of Conservation Practitioners and Professionals.

WORKSHOP 1: 'Create & Carve'
(10am Saturday 11th June)
Make your mark in stone with sculptor and master mason, Philip Quinn of Stonemad.
Learn about the different types of stone (granite, Portland, limestone) that are used to build and adorn the buildings of Merrion Square. In this workshop children will have the opportunity to inscribe their initials in stone using traditional methods and materials and bring their finished piece home with them. (7 to 18 years)

WORKSHOP 2: 'Pattern & Print'
(11am Saturday 11th June 2022)

David Skinner, wallpaper maker, conservator and historian will ask the children to consider the design and manufacturing of historic wallpapers that would have been employed in the embellishment of the Georgian townhouse. Skinner will introduce the children to the technique of block printing traditionally used to make hand-printed wallpaper. We will have fun learning how to make repeat patterns, and participants will take home pieces of hand-printed (and foot-printed!) paper which they have made. Washable paints will be used, but please do not come in your very best clothes.(6 to 12 years)

WORKSHOP 3: 'Fashion a Fanlight'
(12 noon Saturday 11th June)
Join fanlight and stained-glass maker and conservator Liam McCorkell of Glasshaus Studios
as he sets out the tools and techniques employed in fashioning the fanlights of Merrion Square’s front doors, an architectural feature synonymous with Georgian Dublin. Using art and craft materials (not real glass and lead) each child will design and make their own miniature fanlight to bring home. (6 to 12 years)

WORKSHOP 4: 'Gold & Gild'
(2pm Saturday 11th June)
Historic interiors and decorative surfaces conservator, Ruth Bothwell of Decowell Restoration will ask children to look at and consider decorative treatments using stencilling and gilding. Some of these decorations were used within Georgian buildings and their antique furnishings. Ruth will then guide young hands to decorate small panels by applying stencils and gold metal leaf. Each child can embellish their own panel to take home. (6 to 12 years).

WORKSHOP 5: 'Pine & Plank'
(3pm Saturday 11th June)
Join Sven Habermann of Conservation Letterfrack
to learn about jointing technique in timber as there were used in traditional carpentry. Children will use a saw and brace to join two pieces of pine without glue or nails (but no sharp chisels used) and children will go home with their traditionally joined wood.

WORKSHOP 6: 'Lime & Learn'
(4pm Saturday 11th June)
Join Edward Byrne of the Traditional Lime Company
, use a trowel and hawk and learn about the unique properties of lime and why it is best for old buildings, and discover its many uses in the construction of Georgian buildings. Enjoy the opportunity to mix lime and wet dash a wall, the traditional way. (12 to 18 years)


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the craft workshop commencing at the Irish Georgian Society’s marquee/stand at the Dublin’s Heritage Buildings Show in Merrion Square Park, Dublin 2 (closest entrance to the Dublin’s Heritage Buildings Show is through the gates on Merrion Square East) where you will be re-directed to the craft workshop venue.

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