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10.04.2019, 14:30 P.M.

Wednesday 10th April - Medieval Walls Walking Tour with Arran Henderson

This walk is a complete circuit and exploration of the medieval walls of Dublin, both in a physical sense, and as an exploration of the walls in the imagination; through conversation, story and historic detail. Once a palisade of wooden stakes erected from 841 by Dublin’s Viking founders, later rebuilt as thick stone walls by the Anglo-Norman conquerors, the city’s walls delineated and defined the urban entity for generations of medieval Dubliners. The walk commences from Cork Hill through the medieval period (from c 1171 to around 1685) including invasion, plague, fire and revolution. We’ll also pause at times to consider more recent developments, including poverty and philanthropy, industry and housing. Time: 2.25pm (opposite the main door of the old rates office) Walk duration: 2.5 hours - please wear weather appropriate gear, and stout shoes! Ticket Price: €20 Members / €25 Non-Members


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