Events Patrick's Park to Blackpitts, Cork St, Newmarket & the Coombe

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21.09.2022, 14:00 P.M.

Exploring the remarkable, layered history of an area of the Liberties, lying just south-west of Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Meeting in the park outside the Cathedral, then exploring an extraordinary range of history and heritage, from Blackpitts, Newmarket, Meath Street and the Coombe. We will discover the rich industrial heritage of this neglected area of the Liberties, learn about the 18th century tanning, distilling, brewing and textile industries, and learn about ancient, water-powered mills which were first engineered and run by medieval monks and then operated almost to the present day, all run from the power of the now-unseen, underground rivers that still honeycomb this entire area. We will visit an early 1700s church building, and learn about philanthropic housing, and historic 1600s architecture including Dutch Billies, Alms Houses, Guild halls and Dower Houses, some of it still hidden in plain sight!


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