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'Print REbels' exhibition at the City Assembly House 9th July-27th August 2021


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Almina - Gerald Leslie Brockhurst RA RE English , 1890-1978) 1924 | Etching | Trial Proof | Signed & with signature in reverse on the plate| Elected ARE & RE 1921 | Elected ARA 1928, RA 1937

Among the awards Brockhurst won as a student at the RA Schools was a travelling scholarship to Italy in 1913. Portraits from the Italian Renaissance and Mannerist Schools were amongst lifelong influences on his highly finished representational work, his delight in chiaroscuro and the capturing of the textural qualities of different fabrics. Echoes of Brockhurst’s idols: Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Piero della Francesca emerge in his etchings. This etching portrays the artist’s first wife, Anais, a Basque who was Brockhurst’s principal muse until he met his second wife, Dorette. This work was exhibited at the RA and RE in 1924.

The sheet of this particular impression bears three strokes penciled by the artist in the lower right hand corner though not visible when the print is framed. These formed a personal ranking system Brockhurst put in place for his etchings: one, two or three strokes would be placed on the impressions he considered to be particularly well printed. Three strokes were for the ones he thought the most exceptional.

Edward Twohig RE (Fellow)


'Print REbels' at the City Assembly House would not have been possible with the financial support of Northern Trust (Ireland), the Heritage Council and Camilla McAleese.