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‘Print REbels’ exhibition at the City Assembly House 9th July - 27th August 2021


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Saint Eustace, Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471-1528) c. 1501 | Engraving | B 57, M 60

Dürer’s largest engraving depicts the moment of conversion of the Roman General Placidus. While hunting, Placidus sees a crucifix miraculously appear between a stag’s antlers. The stag speaks in Christ’s voice and the general falls form his horse, going on to become a Christian baptized with the name Eustace.

This composition has long been admired as an exemplar of Dürer’s extraordinary virtuosity; the animals and creatures of the landscape served as models for artists for the next two centuries. The animals are confidently portrayed and particularly notable are the five hunting dogs carefully posed to show different aspects of the canine figure; standing to left, standing to right ,seated, crouching and lying in a sacra conversazione.

Edward Twohig RE (Fellow)

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'Print REbels' at the City Assembly House would not have been possible with the financial support of Northern Trust (Ireland), the Heritage Council and Camilla McAleese.