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IGS Architectural Conservation & Original Drawing Awards 2014

Architectural Conservation Award (joint) Winners

Project: The Guildhall, Derry
Architect: Consarc Design Group Ltd.

The Guildhall, Derry

Project: Blackrock Institute of Further Education, Dublin
Architect: McCullough Mulvin Architects

Blackrock Institute of Further Education, Dublin

Original Drawing Award

Project: Boyle Mill, Co. Roscommon
Architect: Coleman Architects

Coleman Architects: Boyle Mill, Co. Roscommon

Conservation Award - highly commended

Project: Royal Belfast Academical Institution
Architect: Alastair Coey Architects

Royal Belfast Academical Institution

Project: Russborough House, Wicklow
Architect: Howley Hayes Architects

Russborough, Co Wicklow

Original Drawing Award - highly commended

Colin Maxwell: Beam Engine, Calendon

Colin Maxwell, Beam Engine